Noise-Sensitive Earplugs

Living in today's world is characterized by a constant barrage of noise. With the various demands of work, travel, socializing, and parenting, the pressure can be overwhelming. When you add noise sensitivity to the equation, it can make daily life even more challenging. The effects of noise sensitivity differ from person to person; it could be triggered by sudden loud noises like fireworks or unexpected shouting. Alternatively, everyday sounds such as chewing or coughing may evoke intense emotional reactions. In essence, noise sensitivity can significantly affect your quality of life, causing feelings of depression, isolation, and avoidance of certain situations.

Do You Have Noise Sensitivity?

If you've ever experienced anxiety, panic attacks, or distress caused by noise, it's likely that you have noise sensitivity. This condition can take various forms and is associated with many different life experiences, including misophonia, ADHD, phonophobia, insomnia, autism, tinnitus, parenting, studying, and working.

The good news is that avoiding loud places is not the only solution for people who suffer from noise sensitivity. In fact, avoiding such situations can worsen sensitivity in the long run. Loops, with its revolutionary earplugs, offers an alternative solution that allows you to gradually increase the amount of time you spend in noisy environments while taking rest breaks as needed.

Our earplugs for noise sensitivity