Construction workers

Hearing damage is caused by the death of cilia in the cochlea (inner ear). If they have to process too much sound for too long, they will be damaged and can die. Compare it to the tab of a can of soda, if the tab bends back and forth too hard and too often, it will break. The cilia in the inner ear become overloaded by too much and too loud noise. They need rest after exposure to recover. If they do not get this rest and are exposed again too much and for too long, they die. Once gone stays away, this process is irreversible. So, once you have the damage suffered in your inner ear, it’s for the rest of your life. Many employees in the construction industry are exposed to (harmful) noise. The noise level is determined, among other things, by the construction of the machines, the arrangement and number of machines in the workspace, the layout and decoration of the workplace and the nature of the manufactured products. How long an employee stays in the workspace partly determines the exposure level. 


Earasers USP’s


Hearing fatigue causes attention deficit and lost productivity. The primary reason workers reject hearing protection is due to comfort. Earasers are superior to even custom molded earplugs due to the flexible design and soft silicone. Custom earplugs are not flexible enough to move with jaw motion which comes from talking or turning the head from side to side. Earasers don’t make the ear sweat or tickle or itch. The deep fitting design of this in-ear system keeps the ear more “open” to the air and wearable over long periods of time.


By reducing noise exposure, you are not only protecting the health of the employee but maintaining a safer workplace as required by OSHA. Maintaining good hearing also has benefits when hearing is used to detect faulty equipment or for better communication. The ability to quickly convey information can help protect people from dangerous situations or rectify a safety or productivity issue before it gets out of control.


Our patented filter system is the world’s first earplug measuring a flat frequency response at the eardrum, enabling speech to be easier to understand in noisy situations. Various filters allow for customization for different environments and hearing levels. Our mission is providing the best in hearing protection that focuses on hearing!

Costs effective

Earasers are comfortable, cleanable and reusable making a greener workplace and reducing costs versus replacement type systems. When earplugs get old, they absorb body oils (ear wax) and begin to look rather unpleasant. Nobody wants to put those back in their ear! Earasers have a unique, replaceable outer sleeve which not only saves on replacement cost, but also helps ensure the employee continues to wear hearing protection.

Your next step towards safety!

If you are convinced to protect your employees and Earasers has aroused your interest, we will gladly send you a set of earplugs. With the product in hand, a better picture can be formed of the need to change the situation. With the product we also provide all necessary information on how to use.

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