The Perfect Size Kit - Starter Kit Musicians

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Earasers Musicians Earplugs STARTER KIT to assist you with building one single pair by comparing two different sized Silicone Sleeves/Tips.

Earasers Starter Kit!  Ideal for "First Time Wearers" to help determine which silicone tip/sleeve SIZE will provide the optimum seal for your unique needs.  Earasers Starter Kit comes with TWO sets of different sized silicone Sleeves/Tips, and ONE pair of Filters, and an Earasers professional insertion tool.  This kit allows you to place the ONE Set of filters in the Silicone Sleeves/Tips that best suits your personal ear canal for the optimal seal.  

With this Kit, You are building ONE Set of Earasers earplugs ideal for your unique needs.  You have two different sized Silicone Sleeves/Tips to choose from. 

Starter Kit benefits:

  • If a new wearer is unsure of their ideal size tip to seal their canal
  • Great for persons who may have two different size ear canals
  • Great for gifting Earasers and you are not sure what size the lucky recipient wears
  • More cost effective than using our complimentary product size swap-out option (which is approximately $7 - $10 for U.S. shipping)
  • Saving time by allowing you to have two different sizes, literally at your fingertips, and not waiting for a different size in the mail  
  • You know you have a very small ear (or rather large), but not quite sure if you should choose our smallest (or largest) size.

Having the opportunity to try different sizes side by side, virtually guarantees your investment in Earasers is PRICELESS!  So pick up a kit today for yourself, and one for a friend! 

Size Options are:

  • X-SMALL/SMALL (of Silicone Sleeves/Tips)
  • SMALL/MEDIUM (of Silicone Sleeves/Tips) (Most common for Adults) 
  • MEDIUM/LARGE (of Silicone Sleeves/Tips)

Included will be ONE set of filters already installed in the "larger of the two" silicone sleeves/tips, along with a second set of the "smaller sized silicone sleeves/tips" that you can swap the filters into if needed for ideal sizing.







Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marc Lomas

Comfortable and invisible earplugs that also fit tiny ears with the xs size.
They have a really good service too.
The earplugs don‘t attenuate evenly but create a flat perceived frequency response by reducing the dangerous/amplified 1-4kHz region.
That dampens voices with normal volumes. With loud volumes voices get clear again so take the stronger EU filter if you have very loud music and US filter for not so loud music.

Zsolt Pap
From a flutist student at a Secondary School of Music

First impressions:
- comfortable to wear,
- one's own speech is rather strange,
- due to the body-led sound the clicking of the flute mechanics is heard more strongly,
- therefore, able to detect such faults, that cannot be audible without the earasers.

Martin Hartog
Good options

Ideal for those who don't know exactly what size earpiece to get. Plus it allows you to mix and match if there is a difference in size between right and left. Product is good.

Kryštof Hlaváč
Best support ever

Earasers have the most kind customer support ever. The plugs didn't work for me at all, but i think they might for someone else.

No plugged up sound

Previously I was using the Hearos high-fidelity ear plugs. They did very well, but I found that while playing with my band I was losing some of the frequencies and it caused some of the sounds to be lost in the mix. Plus, I had to take them out to talk to other band members between songs. It was just to the point that it was annoying. So I needed to try something new. These Earasers are perfect. They fit in very nicely (red=right, blue=left), are barely visible, and balance the sound perfectly. Exactly as the chart above shows, it has an even frequency response, but just enough so the sound does not damage your ears. Truth be told, at a certain volume these will become ineffective due to their low decibel protection. I play drums in a rock band and my most recent experience with these was with the (loud!) monitor at ear level about 2 feet from me. After our 14 songs my ears felt great. No ringing, no pressure on my ear drums; it felt like nothing happened. Which is why these are worth the extra money. I am recommending these to everyone I know who is in need of ear protection.

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