Earasers Pro-Kit


Earasers Pro-Kit includes everything you need to get the full experience, along with the unique opportunity to test two different Earasers filter strengths side-by-side!   

 Included in your Pro-Kit are the following:

Two Sets of Earasers:  Different filter strengths (choose yourself!).

Note: To keep your Earasers looking like new, we recommend refreshing/renewing your silicone sleeve/tip around 4-8 months with regular usage, not just for looks, but to reduce bacteria build-up.  With less usage, tip refresh/renewing may take place further out.  (Now is a great time to get yourself a ReNewal Kit so you'll have it on hand when you need it.)

Waterproof keychain Stash Can accessory case:   Select "Color" option to choose your favorite!  We recommend storing your Earasers inside your Stash Can by placing them "strings together".  To avoid earplugs 'stacking'  and you accidentally threading off the pull string/ball with your twist top canister.  

* Several Cleaning wipes - Earasers cleaning wipes are specially designed to help breakdown earwax and body oils.  Baby wipes and Audio wipes may also be used.  Alcohol Free wipes should be used.  Avoid rubbing alcohol as it will breakdown the silicone over time, but more immediately, it will act as a lubricant causing Earasers unique "Friction Fit", between filter/coupler/pull-string and Silicone tip/sleeve, to become slippery and thus resulting in the two pieces sliding apart easily.      


* Instructions Booklet - We are a Right (Red) & Left (bLue) earplug.  Be certain you are inserting your earplugs correctly - not only on the proper sides - but also in the correct direction (side indicator line ends up facing the back of your head).  Changing the intended direction of your earplugs will result in an inappropriate "Smart Seal".  A Smart Seal must be achieved to provide proper protection.  

Way To Go on investing your your long term hearing care!!!!  We are proud of you!



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