The Perfect Size Kit - Starter Kit Dentists & Hygienists


Earasers Dentist / Hygienists Earplugs STARTER KIT to assist you with determining Size Silicone Sleeves / Tips ideal for your unique needs.  

IT's HEAR!  The Earasers Starter Kit is ideal for first time users of our innovative 'sized' earplugs, allowing you the opportunity to determine which size Earasers earplug will provide the optimum seal.  The Starter Kit comes with TWO pairs of alternate size sleeves, and ONE pair of Earasers Revolutionary Flat Frequency Filters, and the Earasers professional insertion tool.  You now gain the opportunity to build two different size earplugs, and choose which one pair provides the best seal for your unique needs.    

Starter Kit is a great option (for):

  • New Users unsure of their ideal seal size
  • Persons who may have two different size ear canals
  • Gifting Earasers and not sure what size the lucky Recipient needs
  • More cost effective than utilizing our complimentary product size swap-out option (which is approximately $7 -$10 for U.S. shipping)
  • Saving time by allowing you to have two different sizes, literally at your fingertips, and not waiting for a different size in the mail  
  • You know you have a very small ear (or rather large), but not quite sure if you should choose our smallest (or largest) size.

Having the opportunity to try different sizes virtually guarantees your investment in Earasers is PRICELESS!  So pick up a kit today for yourself, and one for a friend! 

Size Options are:

  • X-SMALL/SMALL (of Silicone Sleeves/Tips)
  • SMALL/MEDIUM (of Silicone Sleeves/Tips) (Most common w/ Adults) 
  • MEDIUM/LARGE (of Silicone Sleeves/Tips)

Included will be ONE set of filters already installed in the larger of the two Silicone Sleeves  The second set of "Silicone Sleeves" is available should you determine that a size down may be a more appropriate fit to create the necessary seal for your unique ear canal.  Using the swap out tool - you can simply move your filters from one size to the other until you determine what works best for you  overall.    





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