Hearing Damage in the Festival/Music Scene

Hearing Damage in the Festival/Music Scene

Typically, attending live events such as music festivals is one of the most exciting experiences you can ever have. According to the recent research, over thirty-two million people attend music festivals every year in the United States of America. However, such experiences have adverse effects on your everyday healthy life.

Are you among this population attending music festivals? If yes, then you have to take the necessary precautions to ensure your health safety. What are the effects of music festivals on the health of human beings? Simple! Music festivals play loud music, which affects you're your hearing ability. This might go further and result in a critical condition that requires urgent attention.

It is vital to take the required precautions to ensure that you are safe. How can you protect yourself from such instances? You should note that when you expose your ears to loud sounds, it results in tinnitus, whereby you experience a particular ringing sound either in one of your ears or both.

Apart from the people who attend the concerts, artists are also at a high risk of being affected by the loud noise. There are simple ways of protecting your hearing sight from the loud noise in a music festival. This article incorporates some of the best noise prevention mechanisms that you can apply. Let’s roll together!

The Application of Earplugs

According to medical researchers, noise can cause hearing loss when it occurs at a volume of over 85 decibels. The danger of the noise towards your ears increases with an increase in the volume of the sound. The researchers added that in most musical concerts, the volume ranges between 100 and 120 decibels.

This is a clear indication that there is a high risk of damaging your hearing sight. To avoid such scenarios, consider the use of earplugs to reduce the intensity of the sound. If your friends accompany you, consider carrying an extra pair of earplugs for their safety. Are you running low on cash? Go for the relatively affordable earplugs. Note that this is also applied to musicians.

Consider Outdoor Venues Rather than Indoors

Note that outdoor venues are safer since the sound is not contained when compared to the indoor venues.  However, this does not guarantee total safety since some bands amplify the music to the maximum. This means that you should also be careful to ensure that you maintain the health of your ears. 

Control the Use of Alcohol

Music festivals work together with alcohol. When you attend a music festival, control the use of alcohol. Why? When you drink alcohol, it triggers the flow of blood in the inner ear, raising the blood pressure. This can result in tinnitus.

In Case of Any Symptoms, Visit a Hearing Specialist

It is vital for artists or anyone who attended a music festival to visit a hearing professional for assistance in case of any symptoms of damage. These symptoms might be ear pain, muffled hearing, or tinnitus. A medical expert will examine you and take the required measures.

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