Earasers Musicians Earplugs

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Earasers Musicians Earplugs

Whether you are a musician, attend concerts or are regularly exposed to music played at high levels, Earasers don't plug up your ears and muffle sound like more conventional earplugs. The human voice is centered between 250Hz and 300Hz, so you will still be able to hear conversations amazingly well, while wearing these. Musicians have to be able to focus on the different layers of instrumentation. Earasers utilize a unique attenuation "V filter" to provide up to 31dB of protection in the frequencies you need it most. The result is the world's first flat frequency response earplugs.

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Tip on sizes:

75% of men use Medium

75% of women use Small

75% of young adults use Small

Most people already know if they have small ears due to their experience with other earbuds. Don't worry, there is some definite overlap in the sizes. If you guess wrong, you can always exchange them within 30 days. If you want to be absolutely sure about the right size without shipping back and forward, click here!

Description +

The Earasers soft silicone design is based on one of the most widely used hearing aid tips in the market. There is no need for expensive trips to a specialist to get custom ear molds. The Smart Seal technology conforms to the shape of your ear canal for a more comfortable fit that you can wear all day. Earasers can be cleaned and reused, and when the silicone tip starts to get old, they can be "Renewed" with new silicone sleeves.

Product information +

Visit the info section on our website to find FAQ, warranties, specifications or instruction videos. For any other questions hit the question section or send us an Email.

Filter reduction level +

For someone who is working from home, or simply reading a book, but with a lot of noises around, we advise to use -13 dB average, 19 dB peak filters.

For someone who attends music festivals or loud concerts we have a different type of earplug. Choose for more reduction, for instance - 26dB -31Db. Now you make sure your ears won’t hurt when the noise is going extra loud. No beep when coming home.

A dentist does not hear really loud noise coming out of machines but has to hear them all day long. Which is not healthy for the brains to process. For these types of situations, we have the -19 Db filter. This one makes sure you kill the noise but hear the voice.

If you have any questions regarding the filter you want to use, please contact us or check out our social media pages where we give more information.


CE Certification (-26dB Filter)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great product and service!

Love the product - have been using them for years now and would never go into a club without them.

Very comfortable to wear

I've been wearing them to a few club nights and concerts now... very easy to insert and I can't feel them when they are in. Very happy with the protection, no more ringing ears and pain after a long night out. Wish I started protecting my ears earlier in life! :)

Your ears are worth it.

These earplugs are definitely the best consumer level hearing protection item I have bought. They are comfortable to wear, and apply very little pressure on the ear canal. They are also significantly less conspicuous than their cheaper, day-glo counterparts.

I felt that although overall that some clarity was lost, the protection they provided was worth the sacrifice. They also afford a much greater sonic experience than other similarly priced consumer level hearing protection.

Whilst they can not compare to custom moulded ear plugs, they perform their duties very well.

Perfekt für Festival/Club/Konzert Besucher

Ich habe die Earasers nun schon seit knapp 3 Jahren und bin absolut zufrieden mit diesen. Passen gut uns Ohr und rutschen nicht, obwohl ich da immer Probleme hatte. Der Gehörschutz mindert die Lautstärke sehr gut, dennoch wirkt der Klang nicht all zu sehr gedämpft und man kann sich immer noch gut unterhalten.
Wer immer mal in Clubs, bei Festivals oder Konzerten ist und sein Gehör schützen möchte, dem kann ich die Earasers nur empfehlen! Preis/Leistung = Sehr gut

Davide Giacon

Buon prodotto, protegge l'udito da elevate fonti sonore, ma non è molto sicuro il disinserimento del tappo dall' orecchio. Capita infatti che tirando anche delicatamente l'asticella il tappo rimanga all' interno dell'orecchio., Occorre fare molta attenzione

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