BigShots Electronic Earplugs


BigShots are great for shooters!  Hear speech but compress impulse sounds including gun fire as well as industrial noise.   Great noise reduction with a short attack time.  Uses ANSI rated 30NRR replaceable foam tips for maximum attenuation.  Max SPL = 92dB.  Three tips included per side (Sm,Med,Large). This miniature version hides better in the ear for a more covert application.

BigShots are also great for monster truck, racing and other extreme noise sports.

Features: Dual function button - Long press to change volume, Short press to change function; 10A Battery, Wax Barrier, Replaceable foam tips (silicone also available).  One Pair.  Includes two small carry cases (soft and hard), and a large travel case.

Choose from:

Black face with Red/Blue Shell

Orange face with Clear Shell

Beige face with Beige Shell


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