ARTISTS & Photographers


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John Ferraro (Drums),

Justin Emord (Bass),

Dr. N.Scott Robinson (African Drumming),

Altin Sencalar; (Trombone),

Rena Beavers,

Khris Poage,

Diego Medrano,

Dustin Jack, @DustinJackPhoto

Altesse (DJ from Seattle)

The World Champion Blue Devils Drum Corps of DCI      

The Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps of DCI  

Carl Verheyen ; Guitarist Supertramp, Les Paul Trio, CVB, and

Mike Roylance ; Principal Tuba, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Shok, Production, Composition, Remixography, Zeitmahl, Red Light District (Neo-Vaudiville E-Swing), Monthly Dance Event, Blog

Todd Fink, The Giving Tree Band ; Folksy bliss of American Music from a real traveling band

Rated R Band  

Stereo Scenario ; Catchy riffs, upbeat rock with some reggae grooves, that make you want to dance…good soulfulness, slight edginess at times.

Beggars & Choosers  ; Stripped down rock & roll band

Bleed Down ; Metal Band

Amy Hall for Heart Brigade - A Tribute to Heart,

Brandon Aly - Drummer / Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, Director of Percussion Blanco ISD  (

Paul Winterhalter - Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps  Drummer & Indoor Percussion Ensemble

Albert Castiglia - Blues/rock. From very traditional to pretty hard driving,  Nominated for best album in the "blues/rock" category.