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A trusted brand for unparalleled comfort and clarity in hearing protection solutions. Where we work together with music stores, event organizers, festivals, construction company's and dentists. All to provide our contest winning product and the number one chosen earplug for 2023 and 2024, the Earasers earplug. 

Developed for musicians and concertgoers, the EARasers high-fidelity earplugs come from Persona Medical, a company with 50 years of experience manufacturing hearing aids and other hearing-related devices. Led by engineer Don Campbell, a longtime guitar player and percussionist, Persona Medical set out to create a better kind of earplug: one that's comfortable, virtually invisible, reusable, and easy to clean. The result is the EARasers, made of soft medical-grade silicone that forms to your individual ear shape for hours of secure, sweat-free wear. And most importantly, the music still sounds great.

Many earplugs on the market are either expensive due to the need for custom molding, which increases costs, or they compromise on quality by lacking an effective filter. At Earasers, we've addressed this challenge by developing an earplug that molds to the ear canal's shape, incorporating a High Fidelity filter. Our goal is to provide top-quality sound at a fraction of the usual cost – making Earasers a budget-friendly yet high-performance choice.



Target audience

Music Industry
In the dynamic world of the music industry, hearing problems are prevalent due to constant exposure to loud music during rehearsals, concerts, and studio sessions. Musicians and music enthusiasts often neglect the importance of ear protection, leading to irreversible hearing damage. Earasers provides a solution by offering high-fidelity earplugs that not only protect against harmful noise levels but also preserve the clarity and quality of the music. Musicians can enjoy their craft without compromising their auditory well-being.

Construction Branche
In the construction market, the constant exposure to loud machinery, power tools, and construction-related noises puts workers at a significant risk of hearing damage. Hearing problems are a leading cause of sick leave in this industry. Earasers recognizes the critical need for effective ear protection to safeguard the health and well-being of construction workers. Our earplugs provide a comfortable and reliable solution, ensuring that individuals in the construction field can work safely while minimizing the risk of hearing-related health issues and reducing sick leave occurrences.


Earasers earplugs


Relationship en services 

At Earasers, we understand the importance of close collaboration with our B2B partners. Therefore, we offer comprehensive support to ensure that the partnership runs smoothly:

1. Dedicated Success Manager:
- Each B2B customer is assigned a personal success manager.
- The success manager is ready to provide 1-on-1 advice and guide you carefully through the purchasing process.

2. Size Advice:
- Our success manager assists in determining the right sizes for your customers.
- Advice on how to measure sizes and use the size gauge.

3. Marketing Material:
- We provide marketing material to support sales.
- Additional materials to effectively promote Earasers in your store.

4. Product Knowledge:
- Information on which products are frequently sold and which are less popular.
- Insight into which sizes are most common among specific target groups.

5. Filter Strength Guidance:
- Assistance in recommending the appropriate filter strength for different users.


Who are our partners? From organizations to artists:

- Javi Musik - David Lewis Productions - VeiligheidNL - Mangroove Group - Music On Festival - Ovrdose - Zomerpop - 

- Marco Carola - Franky Rizardo - Anotr - Luuk van Dijk - Mason Collective - Menesix - Toman - Joëlla Jackson - Wade - Joey Daniel - Rayzir - 



Contact information

Interested in more information, a business call / online meeting or a quotation? 

Please reach out to: Mink@earasers.shop