Linum G2 SuperBaX 2-Pin Cable


The Linum G2 SuperBaX is our premium upgrade cable and the one to go for if you want the ultimate sound experience.  

Your benefits

  • Purest sound experience
  • Extreme comfort in its category
  • Soft and flexible
  • Extra strength - enduring
  • An almost tangle free cable

The perfect solution for

  • High quality recordings
  • Audiophiles
  • Low ohm earphones
  • Multi driver systems


  • Connector type: 2Pin
  • Termination: 3.5 TRS (90° angled)
  • Silver plated copper litz wires
  • Quad twisted – 168 strands
  • Weight: 8-9g / 0.28-0.32oz
  • Length: 127 cm/50”
  • Impedance: 0.75 Ω
  • Pull strength of cable: 120 N/26lbs
  • Microphonics: Low
  • Tangle-less: Yes almost! … and should it tangle occasionally, it is easy to untangle

Sound signature

Amazing tonal neutrality. Ultra-high performance in detail and sound staging, even during complex compositions.

Be aware, the sound signature of upgrade cables depends on your earphones (impedance/number of drivers) and your music preferences.


The SuperBaX was developed to meet the needs of audiophiles in their constant pursue of the perfect audio setup. With 0.75 ohm, the SuperBaX offers pure sound transmission. We recommend the SuperBaX for anyone who desires the best sound transmission.

To reach full potential of the SuperBaX, it is best paired with low-ohm and multi driver systems. For most single driver earphones with high impedance, the BaX may be a better choice.

Finally, the SuperBaX rarely tangle up and is much easier to handle than Music, BaX, and many other earphone cables.

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